Monday, 22 January 2018
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GuarantySMS is the leading bulkSMS service provider in Nigeria. Our Bulksms plaform is the smartest, fastest and most reliable means of sending text messages reaching thousands of people with just one click. Our Bulk messaging services is designed with you in mind. It is the most efficient way to move your organization forward, in terms of internal and external communication with staff and business partners alike. No matter your line of business, you need to reach and communicate with people. Look no further, GuarantySMS will give you that desired leverage. Benefits of using Bulk SMS Service.

We port all messages sent via our SMS Platform and we guarantee the highest delivery rate you could ever discover. Sending messages with our Bulk-SMS Service is easy and very efficient so be rest assured that you will always enjoy our SMS services.

We offer you the cheapest bulk sms service in Nigeria. Our bulk SMS portal will give you maximum satisfaction and you will definitely continue to patronize us. Without being economical with the truth, our SMS gateway is just so efficient and very fast such that you can be assured of 99.99% bulk SMS delivery rate.

In the advent of sending messages to DND Phone Numbers (phone users who activated "Do Not Disturb" feature on their phones), our portal automatically tracks the total sms units consumed and immediately refund your sms account with the exact sms units previously consumed.